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JH Mosquito Control Services is a premier provider of safe effective mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial properties in the Dallas Fort Worth area

American Mosquito Control Association
JH Mosquito Control Services Is A Proud Member Of The American Mosquito Control Association - Member TDA # 0402524
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Mosquitoes Bugging You?

Mosquito bites itch like crazy, but Mosquitoes also carry diseases like Zika and West Nile viruses and are the primary cause of heart worm in animals. 

At JH Mosquito Control Services, our licensed professional technicians use EPA approved insecticides to control mosquitoes, ticks and fleas in your yard and around your home.  A fogging machine is used to apply our products to your outside foliage and other areas that are common for mosquito breeding and nesting.

For best results, this service is done on a 21 day interval through October.   We do offer a one-time service if you need it before an outside get together.  Most treatments last about three weeks, but nothing is 100% effective against mosquitoes.  Spraying your front, side and backyard with insecticides every three to four weeks will help control the mosquito population in your yard and protect you and your pets from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas all summer long.

JH Mosquito Control Services is a member of The American Mosquito Control Association, so whether you need a one-time spraying for a planned outdoor function or an on-going mosquito control program to protect your home or business year-round, contact the professionals at JH Mosquito Control Services for a free Mosquito Control estimate.

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